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19 November 2021

What is our opinion on this? Forwarding and packaging is absolutely no sinecure

Both Readybox and TPL have been focusing for years on developing customer-friendly niches and tailor-made services, focusing on all facets of the transport and packaging chain. Our ‘4-C approach’ is central to this: contribution, customer, communication and convenience. In this way we can create and guarantee better added value (our so-called VAT) or happy profit for all parties.

Not so long ago, we were faced with the challenge of packaging delicate, corrosion-prone vintage instruments, as well as a sound studio and shipping them beyond the equator. More specifically, it was about the packaging and transportation of Gibsons from the fifties, Fender guitars, bass guitars from Jack Casady and Höhner and analog recording equipment with 500 slots. Just for all our other requests, we have developed a custom packaging and transport design for these rare and valuable pieces. Corrosion and shock-resistant packaging was an absolute must for this. Due to our ‘4-C approach’ we can proudly say that everything arrived in Costa Rica in perfect condition.

In the example above, both Readybox and TPL show themselves to be specialists in the matter. Moreover, the example shows that the packaging and transport of goods is not an easy task. That is why we are convinced that the freight forwarding sector will not collapse because of the deal between Alibaba and Maersk. After all, the customer-oriented approach that we use and guarantee for every application is not integrated into the business model of internet platforms, such as Alibaba or Amazon.

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