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Readybox® , the specialist in custom-made wooden crate packaging for industry and export, offers solutions adapted to each packaging need. For more technical packaging, a specific analysis of the packaging is made. ….

Readybox creates custom solutions for yout specific packaging problem

With our range of folding wooden crates, panel crates or CKD crates, wooden pallet collars (collars) and maritime crates, we offer the right packaging solution for all types of goods, ranging from metal parts, mechanical parts to crates for machines ( packaging in the workshop or at the customer’s location). Boxes are always ISPM 15 stamped or made of plywood. READYBOX takes into account the mode of transport during packaging (ex: collapsible boxes for air freight, modular boxes for the transport of containers, maritime boxes for shipping breakbulk).

Folding boxes and anti-corrosion packaging (S.E.I) are one of our specialties. In addition, we are the only Belgian producer of custom-made collars and folding boxes, as well as in small series.

Wooden case

  • Wooden pallet collar

  • Shipping cradles

  • Wooden export crates

  • Corrosion protection

  • Folding boxes

  • Custom wooden pallets

  • SEI export maritime wooden crates

  • Maritime export by sea


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Our delivery time is shorter than you think, so you get your goods to their destination faster, READYBOX can also provide a suitable transport solution via

For SEI 4-C packaging we offer a corrosion warranty of at least 1 (one) year. Readybox® is the packaging specialist in Belgium and other European countries. We also offer a bespoke solution to suit your specific packaging needs.

Contact us for more information or request a free quote. Our packaging consultant will personally deal with your question. 

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