Folding plywood boxes

Plywood boxes or reusable folding boxes are ideal transport packaging for small and large items, also ideal for air freight.

These are always custom made. Boxes in euro format / or industrial pallets are supplied in different heights.


Intelligent packaging with many options for safe and cost-effective protection of your goods. Folding boxes can be easily assembled by your own staff without the need for extensive knowledge or machinery. Assemble these folding boxes (no tools required) in 25 seconds with your own staff. The lid, case and bottom of the case fit together perfectly.

They can be nailed down, reinforced or secured with straps or other quick-release systems.

Readyboxes® can be handled with a forklift or hand pallet truck. Collapsible boxes are stackable, making the container compact and optimally loaded without wasting space. The remaining wooden parts are dried to less than 20% humidity in our own drying chamber. Processed woods such as plywood, OSB and particleboard are manufactured under high pressure and temperature and therefore do not need to undergo the additional drying process.

The wooden reinforcements of these folding boxes are provided with the HT stamp as prescribed by the ISPM 15 regulations.

Readybox® folding boxes can be branded with your company logo and therefore have an image-enhancing feature. As the panels are delivered to you folded, you have reduced storage and transport costs. In pleated form, the boxes represent less than 10% of their volume.

Palletizable wooden folding crate 2 entries

  • The bottom plate of the folding crate is made of 1 piece of 15mm OSB, also can be made of 20mm solid wood, or chipboard/plywood, supported on 50 x 100 2 way pallet beams mm;
  •  These transport boxes can be handled with a handforklift or a pallet truck.

Palletizable wooden folding crate 4 entries

  • The bottom plate of the folding box is made of 1 piece of 15 mm OSB, can also be made of 20 mm solid wood (which is almost always the case in the case of 4 entrances), or of chipboard /plywood, supported on a Pallet 4 entries.
  • These transport boxes can be handled with a handforklift or a pallet truck.

THE HOUSING OF the folding box

  • The wooden box case is made of 6/8/9mm plywood.
  • The wooden crate box housing closes precisely on the top and bottom of the folding crate
  • Your company logo can be applied on both sides as well as the other icons (fragile, IPPC logo, arrows, etc.).

LID / TOP of the box.

  • 6/9 mm light birch plywood reinforced inside with 50 x 50 mm beams.   
  • The top can be nailed or attached to the case with straps.     
  • The interior fits exactly into the case.

Our solutions

  • Modular boxes

    Modular boxes

    Our boxes can be made modular for optimal stacking capacity and space utilization in the container.

  • Box with door

    Box with door

    Box with door for easy loading

  • Lockable and reusable folding crate

    Lockable and reusable folding crate

    Lockable and reusable folding crate with closure on request

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