Wooden export crates

READYBOX® produces and packages industrial components in seaworthy heat-treated ISPM15) export containers, export crates, wooden boxes with reinforced beams and H-steel crates (as required).

Also seaworthy crates for heavy machinery and components. We specialize in the right packaging, without excessive use of wood and always cost-conscious. Our export wooden crates are exceptionally solid, and we ensure the lightness of the crates.

Depending on your needs, we take care of the complete packaging and/or shipping or we only deliver the custom boxes to you as “crates” and the customer takes care of the rest.

We pack in our workshop but also on site at the customer.


Our parent company TPL went to stuff 25 containers for a project in Nigeria. The goods being delivered on frames and not stackable (in particular diesel engines and pumps), it was decided in consultation with the customer to deliver around fifty wooden crates for export with ISPM 15 marking, personalized (tailor-made) to our warehouse.

Each box is designed and built to measure, to protect the object as much as possible, while optimizing the final volume.

The goods were loaded onto the exact size pallets. Then the panels were mounted. The boxes are provided with labels and markings. Thanks to this initiative, the client had to ship approximately 6 fewer containers.

Our solutions

  • Packing animals

    Packing animals

    Packing animals

  • Special Separations

    Special Separations

    Special Separations

  • Flight case

    Flight case

    Flight case - reusable case



    Diagonal transport with suitable lashing/securing/dunnaging in container

  • Wooden beverage box

    Wooden beverage box

    Wooden beverage box with or without partitions; with logo on request

  • Moving boxes with support closure

    Moving boxes with support closure

    Moving boxes with support closure sealable available in all sizes, suitable for expats

  • Wine box

    Wine box

    Custom-made wine boxes of different sizes.

  • Box for glass and windshields

    Box for glass and windshields

    Box for glass and windshields made to measure according to specifications.

  • Fashion box

    Fashion box

    Various boxes for displays and fashion items

  • Light wooden crate

    Light wooden crate

    Light wooden crate custom made supply

  • Drink bar

    Drink bar

    Drink bar suitable for parties, parties and events

  • Reinforced craddle heavy duty

    Reinforced craddle heavy duty

    Custom skid, reinforced to absorb “G” forces for train transport, here with 55 t rolling mill cylinder with corrosion protection.

  • Industrial box

    Industrial box

    industrial box with custom-made partitions

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