Wooden boxes as a packaging solution

  • Wooden pallet collar

    Wooden pallet collar

    The wooden pallet collars fit either on a euro pallet or on a CUSTOM skid desired by the customer.

  • Shipping cradles

    Shipping cradles

    Houten Transportwiegen (ook transportzadels of – beddingen genoemd) zijn op maat gemaakte houten beddingen die het gewicht van de ronde ketels of buizen ptimaal verdelen, en extra steun geven tijdens het transport.

  • Wooden export crates

    Wooden export crates

    READYBOX® produces and packages industrial components in seaworthy heat-treated ISPM15) export containers, export crates, wooden boxes with reinforced beams and H-steel crates (as required).

  • Corrosion protection

    Corrosion protection

    VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibition) is the active element of corrosion-resistant packaging in the form of LD PE Foil (low-density polyethylene film) or protective paper (in rolls or sheets, kraft type).

  • Folding boxes

    Folding boxes

    Plywood boxes or reusable folding boxes are ideal transport packaging for small and large items, also ideal for air freight.

  • Custom wooden pallets

    Custom wooden pallets

    Wooden transport floors (skids) are used for DIAGONAL LOAD but also to transport machinery, construction components / frames and heavy units and to secure them in airworthy condition for loading.

  • SEI export maritime wooden crates

    SEI export maritime wooden crates

    Industrial packaging of goods for transport meet the strict specifications of the French standard of the S.E.I.

  • Maritime export by sea

    Maritime export by sea

    Readybox Maritime export crates and boxes. Wooden crates; strong custom construction for industrial goods, machinery, switch boxes.



Robert Vermetten, designer of  the Readybox® folding box in Europe has more than 30 years of experience with worldwide project expeditions. From this rich experience he has personally experienced the problems that can occur with “weak packing” “water infiltration” influence of high salt content in the air etc…

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