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16 November 2021

Customized transport crates: every order is special

Readybox® provides solutions for companies all over Europe. A company from the east of France recently knocked on the door. Assignment : disassemble a pilot installation, pack it in folding crates in wood and folding crates and send it to China.

A standard exercise in itself. The range of READYBOX® reusable export crates in ISPM 15 offers the best solution for this challenge. With a special finish to optimally package the delicate parts of the installations. And thanks to the clever approach, everything could be neatly packed in a 4 x 40ft container. The most cost-effective solution possible. Only to be shipped and ready.

According to the plan.

From Murphy’s law…to Happy Profit

Do you know Murphy’s law? You certainly recognize it and it happens to you more than once: what can go wrong, also goes wrong. It also happened to our valued French customer.

His client saw his negotiations with the installer of the project on site fail. Penalties, costs, problems lurked around the corner. To meet the new deadlines, only air freight would still be possible, because traditional sea freight would take 45 days. 

…to Happy Profit in practice

Fortunately, our dismantling colleague reminded the customer of TPL’s specific services. It is aimed at offering an appropriate response to customer needs of the moment.

Things were adjusted in no time. READYBOX® designed and produced the customized wooden crates very quickly. TPL also used the corrosion-resistant VCI foil for the delicate parts. And the shipment… was done by rail in 15 days.

TPL checked the various routes for price and lead times, including after-transport for container transport by barge and with trucks. In the budget. And on time

Much more than packaging

Readybox produces itself, and as a division of TPL has strong assets when it comes to total service to customers. Add to that the experience and flexible customer focus of the entire team – and you get practical and cost-effective solutions. That is what we advocate. And what we call happy profit.

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